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GUEST POST: Nevernight

I’ve got something exciting for you all today!!

As some of you know, I’ve been buddy-reading the bulk of Jay Kristoff’s work with two friends from my amazing book club, The Book Democracy. Jennie, Anita and I started with The Illuminae Files (by Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff) and then we were hooked! Since Darkdawn, the third and final installment in this series is set to come out in September, we’ve been focusing on finishing the rest of this series in time.

I loved Nevernight and I can’t wait to tell you all about that love, but I’m not going to! Not here, anyway.

“What?? Not on your blog…then where??”

On Jennie’s blog, that’s where!!

This week up is down and blue is green and we are switching blogs!

That’s right, pals, below you will find a fantastic review for this fantastic book, Nevernight, written by none other than my friend Jennie from Jennie From The Book. I hope you enjoy her wit and humor as much as I do. Have fun and see you tomorrow!

“I can safely say that Jay Kristoff has definitely made his holy dark ways onto my auto-buy author list.

Oh Jay Kristoff. Sir. Nevernight hurts so good. While I have absolutely taken the journey of Mia Corvere and thoroughly enjoyed it, I have to say, it isn’t for everyone. I must state this for everyone in the back to hear… it is NOT Young Adult! The Illuminae series (by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kauffman) was…. This, my friends, is NOT. For one, this book has one too many blow jobs lol. Keep that in mind before going on this wild badass ride.

This is a book about revenge, blood, lust and death. Jay Kristoff wrote his book very brutally. He does not buy you dinner first and does not include vaseline with every purchase. So once you start reading page one get ready to take it. No bracing yourself. Right from the start.

With that said…I freaking loved it!

This book follows young Mia on a journey to avenge her family. She joins a group that can be compared to a place like Hogwarts, except here she’s learning how to murder people. She’s not a Hufflepuff training for O.W.L.s.

We go through every little detail and stage with her. Twists and horrors. My only complaint was actually her age. She’s 15 during this specific book. (I’m not sure about the rest) but I would have felt a tiny bit more comfortable with some scenes if she were at least 20. Regardless of her age, she is powerful, headstrong, and totally badass!

We meet some unforgettable characters in this story. Some you love, some you hate. Some you love to hate. They all stay with you though. I need to know more about all of them! Trust that they all made me gasp and yell at them at one point or another.

We end this book with a cliffhanger that made my head spin. Therefore, it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing a review for book two (Godsgrave) in August.

I hope this review actually helped you lol. Cause after writing it, then re-reading it… I’m still wondering wtf I’m even saying. Nevernight screwed me up in a great way.

Keep a lookout for more joint reviews with my awesome gal-pal fellow badass Story-eyed reviews!”

Want to read more from Jennie? Find her @ her Blog and her Instagram.

I LOVED Nevernight too so much, it was one of those fun, fantastic, crazy reads for me that sucked me in and then I popped out on the other side…changed. I want to tell everyone about it!

To read my own review, check it out HERE at Jennie’s!

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