About Me

Amazing & astounding facts about me:

  1. My name is Alison, I’m 30 years old.
  2. I’ve lived in four cities and two countries, but right now I live in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
  3. I have one cat/child named Bo. He’s the bossiest cat alive and I love him so much. Our vibe is very “idiot king and long suffering advisor.” He doesn’t even pay rent.
  4. Other than books, I love scary movies, teaching Bo to walk on a leash, adding more garlic than the recipe calls for, and getting caught up in wikipedia rabbit holes.
  5. I can say my alphabet backwards very fast, sober or not. It’s an art and a science, and I’m abnormally proud of it.
  6. I hate writing ‘about me’ sections.
  7. I started this blog just for me, and to meet more people in the book community. I love to read and write and, more than anything, I love to share that with other people who feel the same. Getting to know you all is the whole reason for this thing, so, hi! Nice to meet you.

Review Policy

I am currently open for review and promotional requests!

I accept and read both YA and Adult fiction, as well as a small amount of Middle Grade work. Primarily, I read Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Thrillers, but also enjoy Contemporary, Horror, Romance, Non-Fiction and Poetry. I seek out dark and complex themes, as well as current issues that affect our world today, such as mental health and LGBT+ stories.

I accept galleys in physical, ebook, or audio form. I prefer physical galleys as they are quicker for me to read and I can also feature them on my Instagram account for further exposure.

I am open to all kinds of promotion, including but not limited to: reviews, excerpts, author interviews, blog tours, cover reveals, and giveaways. I also love to write creative posts around the books that I review, including them in relevant lists and discussions. I am happy to work with you to figure out the best promotional option for your book.

Generally, I take 4-6 weeks to review a novel after accepting a request. I am also happy to schedule a review for specific dates or ranges that work in your book’s promotional schedule.

All reviews are honest and unbiased regardless of source or circumstance.

If you think I would enjoy your book, you can contact me with questions, details, or requests on this page and at storyeyedreviews@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest!