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Time to Hop!

One of the things I’ve been trying to do a lot of since starting this blog is check out other awesome book review blogs and get involved in some of the weekly challenges and prompts they use.

Today I’m going to be taking part in the Book Blogger Hop! This is currently active over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer and bloggers all over the sphere get involved to answer the prompt, visit some of the other responses, and make new connections!

This week is a double question week! The first prompt comes from Nicki @ Nicki J. Markus/Asta Idonea and they asked: “Which is your favourite library (or which would you most like to visit)?

Our second question comes from Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews and they asked: “How often do you visit the library?

And my answer is: Second question first: I love the library. I am young and broke so the public library is my best friend when it comes to reading whatever I want. My favorite library service has to be the ability to rent audio and e-books from an app on my phone, I use that all the time. Libraries are so underrated! There are so many amazing events hosted there, I love the curated displays that always introduce me to something new, and librarians are some of the most interesting and helpful people I’ve met. And it’s free! As long as you turn your books in on time…Oops!

Which is my favorite library? Ooh, that’s a tough one. The most incredible library that I have personally visited has probably been The Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

However, there are also so many gorgeous libraries that I would love to visit! Here are just a few: The Library of the Benedictine Monstary, The George Peabody Library, the New York City Public Library, so many more.

Do you have a dream library? Where is it? Tell me in the comments!

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