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Time to Hop!

One of the things I’ve been trying to do a lot of since starting this blog is check out other awesome book review blogs and get involved in some of the weekly challenges and prompts they use. There are so many options! What a fun community!

Today I’m going to be taking part in the Book Blogger Hop! This is currently active over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer and bloggers all over the sphere get involved to answer the prompt, visit some of the other responses, and make new connections!

This week’s prompt was submitted by Elizabeth at Silver’s Review and she asked: “Do you continue with a book even if you aren’t liking it?”

And my answer is: Yeah, most of the time. It can be a bad habit and I’m trying to more comfortably DNF books that aren’t my cup of tea but it’s tough for me. I record and compete with myself over how many books I can read in a month or how many genres I can read in a month, etc. and not finishing a book can sometimes feel like wasting the hours I put into it. Then again, logically, you have to think that moving onto a new book that I would like would read faster and easier. Plus I’d just enjoy myself more. So this is definitely something I’m working on. Not finishing can be hard too! Haha

What about you?? Do you finish every book you read?

6 thoughts on “Time to Hop!”

    1. I see you! Thanks for stopping by yourself! I’m enjoying all the fun things Im finding like this to join in on. ☺️


      1. The comment must have shown up after I typed my second comment. 🙂

        It is fun to join in these weekly memes. You may want to add a question of your own for the Blog Hop. 🙂

        There are other memes too: Mailbox Monday and It’s Monday!! What Are You Reading? happen on Mondays. Please see my blog for links to the hosts.

        Two Friday memes might be something you like too: Friendly – Fill-ins and Book Beginnings. You can find them on my blog.

        Have a great weekend.

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