2019 Challenges

I’ve chosen to work through a few challenges in 2019! I always like to push myself on how much and how diversely I can read, and the last few years I have had so much fun with various challenges from my book club and other bloggers. I’ll be listing them below, and feel free to follow or play along!

Challenge 3000

Five years ago I read a quote that challenged and terrified me: “If a person were to read one book a week from the time they could read until they were 80, they would still only read about 3,000 of the world’s books.”

ONLY 3000??? Out of all of the trillions of books in the world?? I didn’t know how to feel about that, so I set myself a challenge: I would read 1000 books in as short a time as I could manage.

I’ll be completing that challenge in December 2019, and I am so excited.

Look for an update and list of novels I read for this challenge in July, and also an exciting new addition to the challenge I set for myself!

Postal Mark-up Book Exchange

This month, I’m participating in a really exciting new reading group! A Mark-Up Exchange!

I love writing and highlighting in books that teach me something or really move me. I love looking back over what I thought was special years later. This time, I’ll be reading this book (and three others chosen by my teammates) and marking them up in a reading circle through the mail with three other people across the United States. At the end of four months we’ll all have our books back, filled with new memories and thoughts from the other three people in our group. I’m so excited.

Join us and your own exchange group on Facebook @ Quarterly Postal Markup Book Exchange.

Non-Fiction Book Bingo Challenge 2019

This challenge comes from A Little Winter Yarn! Check out her fantastic blog!

I love a good non-fiction book and, becuase of reviewing and book club and general habit, I’ve gotten out of the practice of reading them regularly. Not anymore, not this year! I did not make this chart, it comes from the original challenge linked above, but I hope to fill it by the end of the year with some excellent learning opportunities. I’ll be posting updates on my progress here on my blog.

Feel free to follow or play along! Let me know how it goes!